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Winning New Hampshire:
A Portrait of the 2004 Democratic Primary, 44 Minutes

Carl Cameron, FNC Political Correspondent
Ed Markey, Massachusetts Representative
Bill Gardner, NH Secretary of State
Mark Wrighton, UNH Poly Sci. Professor
Stanley Tobin, Author, Attorney
Tobe Berkovitz, Dean of BU/ Professor of Advertising
Bill Burtus, Representative of 'Clean Air Cool Planet'
Michael Shoemaker, Former Clinton Campaign Manager
Martin Sheen, Actor Volunteering in NH
Larry Carpman, Former Kerry Press Secretary
Michael Chaney, Director of the NH Political Library
Linda Fowler, Dartmouth Poly Sci. Professor
Ted Kennedy, MA Senator
The Youth of the Kerry Campaign
The candidates for the 2004 Democratic nomination, including Vermin Supreme!
And many many more...

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