Will Rabbe
A graduate of Boston University's Film program, Will Rabbe (willrabbe.com) resides in NYC and DC, working in TV and documentary film. He spent the last year covering the 2008 election for The Independent Film Channel, producing and hosting "2008 Uncut" with his partner, Sarah Scully. He has worked on several documentary films, including "The First War On Terror", which featured former President Jimmy Carter.

Aram Fischer
Aram Fischer has worked in the film industry for five years now doing everything from producing and directing his own shorts to working on Independent features to working on reality television shows at Scout Productions. He has worked as an associate producer on the documentary trilogy "The Women of Tibet Film Project" at Frame of Mind Films in Albany , CA . He currently resides and works in Australia. (old bio)

Mark Lynch
Mark Lynch recently graduated from the film program at Boston University . There he honed his craft working on a variety of short films and documentaries with fellow students. In his recent documentary, “"Winning New Hampshire: A Portrait of the 2004 Primary". Mark teams up with two fellow BU alum and together aim to stylize a documentary with a unique angle and tone that previous political films have never been able to capture. Mark currently resides in LA with his dog, Jake and works on the hit show, Hannah Montana. (old bio)

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